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Time: The Role of Time In Our Lives


Do you still remember your childhood curiosities and questions you were afraid to ask or received unsatisfactory answers – the ‘why and how’ about Nature?  The pages of the book Time Out: A Second Look at Nature have your answers. Now, we are facing more daunting challenges – the devastating consequences of man’s greed which led him to attempt to redesign nature – a perfect creation of God. The solution? The overwhelming number of well-meaning people on earth can ignore ‘conformity’ and embark on the “Great Backward Journey” back to Nature to realize the Paradise earth still within our reach.

visual illustration of time; it is not time but a time keeper.


The Role of Time in our lives appears to escape the recognition of many people. You may wonder why? I asked a friend to explain to me his concept of Time. He directed my attention to his wristwatch and a table clock sitting on a nearby table. “He misunderstood the question” was my first assumption about what he did. I was obliged to explain my question and then my concept of Time. I’m listening.

What Is Time

I know it is essential to know what Time means to understand its role in our lives. So I went on to explain to my friend that Time does not imply a table clock or wristwatch. Such devices as table clocks are timekeepers. They tell the position of things in a twenty-four-hour period making up a day.
A table clock is visible, designed, and built by human beings, but Time is invisible and created by the Almighty Creator. It is the determining factor in all living things’ lives and all events.


On further consideration, I realized that my friend’s answer to my question was due to ignorance and not forgetfulness. Should any person be surprised, considering how humans treat and regard most of the Creator’s gifts?
An example of one of the many gifts of the Creator of all things is the air all living things depend on. Air is free and abundantly supplied. And no living thing can do without it for more than two minutes.
Is it not true that many human beings pay little or no attention to it, not to talk of recognizing its importance? Is it any wonder that my friend has no concept of Time not to speak of being aware of the role of Time in our lives? Go through your memory lane and try to find any activity that does not involve Time. There is none!

Role of Time In Our Lives

Let’s cite some examples of actions a living thing, like humans, must perform to make existence on earth possible. It takes time to conceive a baby and carry and nurture the child in the womb. It takes time to give birth to a child and nurture it.
To eat, it takes Time to get the food, prepare and eat it. A human being needs Time to rest, sleep, visit friends, shower, etc. A seed needs time to germinate and grow into a plant, shrub, or tree. You get the idea.
The conclusion here is that there is nothing a living thing does or happens to it that does not involve Time, which explains the role of Time or the importance of Time in our lives.
But we know or need to know that Time is earthly and universal. Therefore it is reasonable to believe that the Creator (God in the English language) is not bounded by Time. How can one show that this is a valid assertion?
Consider the Time, money, and the number of people that made building one pyramid possible in ancient Egypt. The pyramid is minuscule and insignificant compared to the size of the earth. If time is involved, how many millions of years would it have taken to build our planet, earth?  Then consider that the number of earth-like objects in existence is in the millions. Please think about that scenario!
Then, it would be evident that the Creator, God, would not have completed building the earth yet if doing so had involved time. You know the rest.
This explanation is another reason it makes sense to believe that God is not bounded by time. The Alpha and Omega does not ‘work’ but creates or does anything impossible for a living thing. He wills, and it happens.
Have you seen or talked to somebody who has seen the Creator working in His office or farm or anywhere? Also, no person has ever seen the Creator cooking or eating food, drinking water or beer, etc. Nobody because these are earthly activities. Let me come back some other time to discuss the claim that humans can do the work of or help God in His ‘work’.


A good question here is, “Why was Time created?” Put differently, what would be the effects of having no Time? Living things will not exist is the simple answer. Why? Time is required for anything on earth to become what it was created to be. Without Time a seed will not grow into a plant or tree. It would not be possible to conceive a baby, not to talk of the baby growing into an adult.
The Sun’s rays take time to reach our earth to perform its essential functions. It would spell disaster if there were no time for the sun’s rays to reach the earth. Plants and animals that depend on the sun for their existence will cease to exist. There is time to do everything – time to eat, sleep, work, etc.


Considering all these facts, it makes sense to believe that Time is the most important creation among the free gifts of God. It is tempting, however, to think that the brain and the senses may be the most important, considering that without them living things can’t function, and no events can occur. 
 But without Time, none of these phenomena will exist in the first place. Showing that time is essential to living things.
Unfortunately, human beings also take for granted Time, which plays the most essential role in all living things’ lives.
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