The Author

Callistus Mbano

Callistus Mbano, Cal, is a keen lover of nature, mathematics and science. His unique perspective of the world comes through a lens that looks deeply into the environment and delves into the everyday situations of life. Cal’s distinct world view is broadened by his having traversed both time and space from the developing worlds to highly technological ones. He grew up in an indigenous Igbo village in the hinterland of Nigeria; survived the Biafran war; later became a civil engineer and teacher. Cal earned his BS. Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI and Teaching Certification at the University of Phoenix, AZ. He is well traveled and loves sharing his unique experiences with the people that he meets. He always has time for enjoying the simplicities of life with others especially his four grandchildren. Please visit or contact Cal on Facebook