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LGBTQ+ Controversy: Unawareness or Politics?

Do you still remember your childhood curiosities and questions you were afraid to ask or received unsatisfactory answers – the ‘why and how’ about Nature?  The pages of the book Time Out: A Second Look at Nature have your answers. Now, we are facing more daunting challenges – the devastating consequences of man’s greed which led him to attempt to redesign nature – a perfect creation of God. The solution? The overwhelming number of well-meaning people on earth can ignore ‘conformity’ and embark on the Great Backward Journey back to Nature to realize the Paradise earth still within our reach.

The LGBTQ+ controversy: unawareness or politics.

       The image is a pictorial depiction of LGBTQ+ controversy: unawareness or politics.                                        It is the symbol of the non-heterogeneous group.



Generally, two factors shape our public discourse – unawareness and politics. LGBTQ+ controversy is no exception.

The initials LGBTQ+ stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and undecided. Taken as a whole, it is a general term for gender identity. 

I will explore the two factors that shape our public discourse in this piece to explain why the bitter fight or controversy about LGBTQ+. I will start my narrative with a more detailed explanation of what the term stands for. And then delve into the effects of unawareness on anything in general and LGBTQ+ in particular.

I hope in the end, a positive light will be shown on the subject that will lead to a better understanding and appreciation of that group. 

Definition And Explanation

As stated earlier, LGBTQ+ is an abbreviation for Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and other sexual identities. For this writing, I will say that a person who does not identify as Straight or Heterosexual belongs to one of the LGBTQ+ groups.

For further reading, please google the acronym or go to:

My knowledge of non-heterosexuality was fussy when I was growing up. Even the biblical story of Lot and his people was somewhat confusing.

Sexual activities were between a man and a woman. My idea about a family comprised of a father, a wife, and children. I never knew a family could be made up of a man and a man or a woman and a woman, including an adopted child(ren).

Such a scenario never existed in my community. Why am I sure of the absence of homosexuality, then? I knew all the fathers, mothers, and children we played with in my little community and their parentage.

But in retrospect, I believe such a scenario could have existed in some places, considering the story of Lot that took place so far in the past. Now an adult, my experience of LGBTQ+ people is very positive.

I see them as exceptionally talented human beings, accommodating and, above all, very concerned about the health of our environment. With these qualifications, don’t you wonder why some people would prefer they don’t exist?

Until recently, some were killed because of their sexual orientation. In the opinion of these haters, LGBTQ+ people changed the dictates of Nature that ‘desires’ all living things to reproduce themselves (see chapter 4, page 29, of Time Out book) to be able to exist on earth forever.

Through reproduction, plants and animals will live here on earth forever (as it is and the way we have always seen it happen). But homosexual people can’t reproduce! This is why the controversy and some people hate them. Are these people playing God, or are they simply ignorant of the outliers or extremes in creation that explain this phenomenon?


Yes, LGBTQ+ people can’t reproduce themselves. It is redundant to ask why a man and another man or woman and a woman can’t produce a child since it doesn’t happen so in Nature.

And naturally, every living thing must eat food, take water, be engaged in looking for food, get tired, sleep, be born, grow from a baby (seedling) to a grown adult, and then to a ripe old age. At this point, death should extinguish the flame of life.

Then what changed in the case of non-straight people that made nature ‘not follow’ its usual course, i.e., a person desires the opposite sex for pleasure or to reproduce themselves?

I still remember the explanation people gave to answer that question: their sexual behaviors resulted from an unchecked high sense of promiscuity. Just think about that explanation for a minute.

A man is so addicted to sexual pleasures that a female cannot quench his desires! I don’t know whether this line of argument makes sense to you but not to me! Because a reasonable solution to the ‘uncontrollable appetite for sex’ would be to go with more women for a man.

Since these people prefer same-sex not caring for available and willing opposite sexes, another thing is likely at play here. So I went straight to examine Nature itself.

The only being that is ‘one’ is the Creator himself. Please read my analysis in the Time Out book. Any other thing, visible or invisible, God created in multiples and varied, approximating to infinity.

I extensively discussed God’s visible and invisible creations in Time Out: A Second Look At Nature. It suffices here to define an invisible thing as something you can’t see with/without aid—for example, happiness, poverty, desire, love, joy, etc. You can only see or feel their effects.

And as already explained in Time Out, the capacity to develop these invisible things are bestowed on created things by the Creator.

Let’s examine the color ‘Green’ as far as variety is concerned. Take a look at the color of the leaves of any plant or tree. They are all green. But look closer to see that the greenness of each leave is different, just like the facial structure or skin pigmentation of each family member is different. Amazing!

Why this is so is already explained elsewhere. The lesson here is that because of this phenomenon (infinite variety in creation), also there are ‘Outliers’ in creation. In the green color spectrum, you will see some green colors that do not look like the green color at all – the outlier.

Regarding the height of people, some are so short or tall that you wonder whether they are humans. Also, some people express love to the point that you may wonder whether what they are seeing is really love.

In the desire for sex, is there any reason not to believe that there will be some outliers – those whose desires for sexual activities will be “unusual,” where, instead of desiring the opposite sex, they want the same sex?

Even among homosexuals, there exist outliers – bisexuals – those who like the same and opposite sexes.

From the above explanations, indeed, there are outliers in creation. The question is how many people are aware of this phenomenon or ready to learn and acknowledge its existence. Not many!

People tend to reject anything that is out of the ordinary. But it should not be so. That behavior shows that humans don’t understand the creation pattern of the Creator.

The Creator of all things is invisible – nobody can see or talk to him. Note: I’m not trying to challenge those who claim to be able to converse, advise, or even make the Creator change His mind.

Why do humans desire to communicate with Him, you may wonder? Is there anything they need He did not provide? Above all, He left humans (and, to some degree, all living things) with the brain and senses, etc., with which to negotiate the complexities of life on earth.

It would make more sense for humans to use what the Creator gave them (the brain and feelings, etc.) to figure out that all we see as unusual and unnatural are simply outliers in creation.

In other words, all the outliers are natural and should not be rejected or cause any controversy. Therefore, if humans do what they are expected to do: use the resources the Creator gave them and study nature, homosexuality should be understood and accepted.


There are people in our societies you expect should use the gifts of the Creator – the brain and senses – to understand and teach the less informed people about the outliers in creation, like the LGBQ+ group. But you wonder why they don’t.

Could it be due to the unacceptance of Nature’s laws and ignorance of the pattern of creation, or are they simply playing politics? As simple as the questions sound, the answers to them are complex.

Let me discuss the unacceptance of or resistance to Nature’s laws. As it is, many of our great minds spend more time and energy studying how to manipulate/change Nature but less time understanding Nature.

This behavior is where most of our problems with or misunderstanding Nature lie. In the process, they produce artificial and unsuitable materials for or are rejected by our bodies, causing inflammation, diseases, and deaths.

A good question about this outcome is why they would intentionally defy the laws of Nature, aware of the punishing consequences. The lust for money! Take, for example, the production and consumption of “milk.” The politics of this commodity is well documented in Time Out: A Second Look At Nature

Briefly, milk is a natural food designed for children by Nature. I explained why it makes sense to believe that milk is for children, not adults. But consider what humans have done to milk, making it unnatural and unacceptable by human or animal bodies because they failed or refused to follow Nature’s prescriptions about milk but their own.

For example, humans still subject milk to high temperatures following Luis Pasteau’s model to kill off some diseases that occurred in the past. This practice should have been a one-time fix during the outbreak of cholera. Why?

There is no instance in Nature where milk is heated to a high temperature before feeding it to a young one. Also, there are many reasons to believe that milk is not for adults, humans, or animals. Why?

First, females will start producing milk naturally only if a baby is on the way. Then think about the cruelty animals are subjected to produce milk when the female is not pregnant! 

Also, at a certain age, children will stop on their desiring milk. And at the same time, the mammary glands of the female will stop on their producing milk. Think about this: if the Creator intended that milk be part of human or animal food, would He not have made females produce milk throughout their lives?

These show that human children (including animals) need milk only to some point in their growth and development. And adult humans or animals don’t need milk at all.

For further proof that consuming milk by any person or animal except young ones is not the Creator’s intention, consider the inflammation and diseases caused by milk consumption.

As if the above-described flouting of the Creator’s perfect milk design was not enough, humans reengineered milk. Milk was created to be taken whole to preserve the nutritional content and perform its functions in the body. But what do you see or buy in the market: whole milk, ?% milk, etc.?

So what we purchase and consume as milk is not milk and can’t work as milk. We know that the consequences of what we buy and consume as milk are inflammation, diseases, and death.

But we continue to purchase and drink milk because those who can’t resist the lure of money continue to push and glorify milk.

So, if humans had spent time understanding the Creator’s intentions about milk, the inflammation, diseases, and deaths caused by humans altering the milk’s natural composition and feeding it to adults would have been avoided. This is politics.


 The major takeaway from this article, LGBTQ+ Controversy: Unawareness or Politics? is the problem humans run into because they ignore the Creator’s wishes, as written in His creations, and prefer theirs.

Consider what would be the effects of humans studying and understanding the creation pattern of God: nothing is ‘one’ except the Creator Himself, and the number of any creation is in multiples that approach infinity. In these, there are always outliers, like the LGBTQ+ in homosexual communities.

You can observe many examples of outliers occurring in Nature to validate the above statements. But why don’t humans study and understand Nature, while other living things understand and operate according to the dictates of Nature?

My first answer to that question is that humans don’t know who created them, the reason for their creation, or their duties here on earth and behave accordingly. You can prove this to yourself by examining and realizing that the behaviors of other living things are according to the dictates of Nature.

Another reasonable explanation for humans’ behavior is the false indoctrination from their religious leaders about who the Creator is or the purpose for which they were created misled humans.

To prove this statement, consider the number of humans that claim they know, hold conversations with, love, and worship the Creator. The number is in billions. Would not such a number impact our earth’s conditions positively if their claims were valid?

Therefore, for the conditions of our world to change into the Paradise, it was created to be, humans must return to the Creator. How? The Time Out provides a road map.

Thanks for visiting my site and for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you got something for doing so. Please do me a favor to leave your thought below. I will appreciate that.

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