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Infinite Variety – Characteristics Of Creation.

Do you still remember your childhood curiosities and questions you were afraid to ask or received unsatisfactory answers – the ‘why and how’ about Nature?  The pages of the book Time Out: A Second Look at Nature have your answers. Now, we are facing more daunting challenges – the devastating consequences of man’s greed which led him to attempt to redesign nature – a perfect creation of God. The solution? The overwhelming number of well-meaning people on earth can ignore ‘conformity’ and embark on the “Great Backward Journey” back to Nature to realize the Paradise earth still within our reach.

The image is a pictorial illustration of infinite variety



Infinite Variety explains that the number or types of things we observe in Nature are created in multiples. This phenomenon leads to the statement, “Nothing is one but the Creator.” As you will find out from this post, God did not create anything infinite. The implications of this knowledge are huge. Most importantly, our ignorance of Infinite Variety has caused a lot of misery in our world. Let’s dig further.

Our Creator made himself invisible, including many things He created. But He did not leave human beings and other living things alone to fend for themselves. No!   He created visible all living things would ever need. And as explained here, He planted in humans and, to some degree, animals, the brains, senses, conscience, etc., for guidance. Why? For humans to be able to negotiate the complexities of life on earth!

Since He made himself invisible, there is no reasonable conclusion than that He did not want any communications with Him. Examine His creations and realize that these assertions are true.

But, don’t you wonder why many claim they can talk to, advise or even change the mind of the Creator? This post does not agree or disagree with that line of thinking. The Creator gave everybody the brains, senses, etc., for guidance. Therefore I believe that His intention cannot be for anybody to tell another person how to think or do anything. Since all humans need to work with are created visible, and the gift of intelligence is available, humans’ most sensible starting point is using the senses and the brain, the resources for guidance to read God’s intentions or know about Him as He ‘wrote’ on His visible creations.

The question is, how did humans miss knowing the existence of infinite variety in all God created? Let’s examine the infinite variety of visible creations of God. While there, we will try to understand why it is in the creation and the consequences of not recognizing its existence to behave accordingly.

The Universe

To understand and examine the infinite variety in the nature of the universe, we go by what the scientists tell us about the Universe. Though we are in and a part of the university, everything about the universe is too complex for an ordinary person to comprehend. It is mind-boggling to understand and appreciate the number; the distances among stars, planets, and galaxies; their sizes, etc. At the same time, they’re not of the same type. In other words, they are of infinite variety.

What can humans learn from these characteristics, or why are they so-created? Humans using their resources of brains and senses, can understand that the creator of these things can’t be a human being but a spirit of supreme power and knowledge. As stated earlier, the universe is out there, unreachable to ordinary human beings.

So, let’s come closer to home, our earth, and check out the infinite variety of what God created in our environment. All we see around us is theoretically divided into two – plants and animals. Let’s consider plants first.


I am going to consider the infinite variety in the sizes of plants and the color of the leaves.

Have you ever seen different types of trees or plants of the same size or height? Or have you seen such in plants or trees of the same type? Such a description does not exist. Then consider the number of trees or plants of the same or different types. The number approximates infinity. Certainly, we don’t need a biology lab experiment to prove this. This is amazing!

I can only wonder how the first people on earth felt on beholding the multitudes of trees and plants in their neighborhood. Or learning later that similar things existed in other communities of the world. The knowledge must have become perplexing when they realized that there was an uncountable number of communities in existence.

We can also consider a part of a plant or tree – the color of the leaf. It is always green! Please, if you have never taken a close look at the green color of a leaf, do so and be amazed. Remember, you are looking at one tree or plant, not all trees or plants on earth. The color green in each leaf is different – in infinite numbers.  Of course, it is impossible to count the number of leaves on plants in your neighborhood not to talk of the earth. Is your head turning about this knowledge? Mine is spinning!

How can anybody explain that one single color, green (not all colors), is not one but a spectrum? You don’t need a physics lab experiment to prove this but a simple observation in your garden. You may also try another color of your choice. You will always experience infinity and variety. Miraculous! The lesson of this phenomenon is similar to the previous one – the creator, the designer of all these wonders, is a spirit of infinite power, knowledge, and infinite himself. He cannot be bound by time and space. He is the beginning and end of all things. For the sake of space, I’ll move on to another creation – animals, humans.

Animals – Human Beings.

Like in other creations of God, we can also observe infinite variety in the nature of humans. I will examine four samples from the nature of humans. Every human has face structure, skin pigmentation, voice or sound, and fingerprint. And the family is a good place to start this discussion. The facial structure of each member of the family is different and unique. This is also true with the voice and skin pigment of each member of the family.

To prove to yourself that this is true, simply take a look at the facial structure of each member of your family. The structures are all different. The fingerprint of each member cannot be determined by our usual method – observation. But scientists have shown that the fingerprint of each member of any family is different and unique. From what we learn from those four samples, we can confidently conclude that every member of the family is created differently and uniquely.

Take a good look at each member of the family again to confirm this to yourself. We are discussing one family, remember? You can guess the number of families in a village, town, state, country, continent, or world. The number and differences among the people on this earth approximate infinity. Again, we see infinite variety in the creation of human beings. It would not need further observation to conclude that other animals bear the same traits in their creations. Each animal is created unique and different.

We learn a lot of lessons from this investigation leading to the question, “What might be the reason(s) God created in this way?” The most obvious reason for human beings is: to be able to recognize each other. Think about the consequences if all human beings were to have the same fingerprint, facial structure, voice, height, skin pigmentation, etc. It will be impossible for them to recognize one another. And thus, instability will be created in the system. Another important conclusion is that the Creator is of infinite knowledge, power, and ever-present, everywhere. He alone knows why He created in that manner. Humans can make educated guesses.


It is imperative for humans to understand that God did not create in countable numbers or varieties of anything but in infinite variety and number. My analysis above gives credence to that statement. The first takeaway is the evidence of the mightiness of the Creator  – a spirit being that can create in that number and variety. Another important consideration is skin pigment. It is clear that human skin color, and those of all living things, cannot be one type but variety.

Imagine the level of ignorance when some people used to believe that the dark skin color of black people was due to the sins they committed. No! It was the style of creation of God.

This knowledge led me to examine ‘variety’ in more detail. From the review, I came to understand the term ‘outlier.’ This means that there are ‘extremes’ in all creations. Take, for example, the spectrum of blue colors. The extremes don’t look like blue – the outliers. In height some people are so tall or short that you wonder whether they are real humans.

So it is with behaviors, attitudes, want, sizes, taste, name it. For enjoyment, people generally desire their opposites. Men desire women. Understanding the existence of the ‘outlier’ in creation, would it not make sense to believe that there will be men who desire men and women, women? You can only imagine the evils committed due to misunderstanding or not knowing the existence of outliers or the extremes in creation.

From all we see in nature, we are certain there is only one Almighty creator who created in infinite variety. Would it make sense to believe that He created only one Adam and one Eve? No! To buttress this ‘fact’: compare the facial structure of a Chinese, British, and black person. You will observe no resemblance. Then, the argument that by using mitochondria DNA, one can prove that man originated in Africa will not hold water.

Take a look at Black Europeans and Black Americans to prove to yourself that only intermarriage between black and white persons can bring about changes in the facial structures of the offspring. If a group of Nigerian families, say, Igbos, relocated to America or Europe and only marry among themselves,  the physical structures of the offspring will not change. Did the African food types and crops the hunter-gatherers were supposed to take with them to China or Europe then change to Chinese or European due to environmental effects? Of course, no!  God did not create one of anything. He alone is one.

Thanks for reading this article. I will appreciate your comments.


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